Sales and Distribution Management – Sales Management

Stay up-to-date with your Sales as they happen!

Managing Sales is a business discipline that focuses on sales techniques, processes, and operations to increase revenue. In today’s hyper-competitive market, a company strives to increase sales volume, contribute to the sales pipeline, and continue to work on customers’ growing demand. To achieve these objectives, Excellon offers Sales Management Solution best practices that modern managers can follow to give their company the best chance at meeting those revenue goals.

Sales Order Management

Our Sales Order Management includes capturing key data at each stage of the sales process, right from order entry to the final customer invoice.

Centrally manage sales activities: Entering quotes, fulfilling sales orders, creating shipments, checking prices, applying discounts & schemes, incentive and commission, getting Sales Margin visibility, and tracking Returns.

Auto Allocation

Enables the Automatic Sales Allocate function, allowing soft commits and reserves the stock for the sales order.

The Customers can be allocated with unique components, serial numbers for their respective Sales Order Documents.

Sales Planning

A complete planning tool to help set profit-based targets, sales forecasting, and demand planning to execute a strategic business plan.