Dealer Management System – Vehicle Management

Stay up-to-date with your Vehicle Sales as they happen!

Dealer Management System - Vehicle Management

Effective sales management is imperative for companies aiming to thrive and outperform in today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive business landscape. Excellon offers comprehensive Dealer Management System – Vehicle Management Solutions, tailored to empower modern managers with the tools and strategies necessary to drive revenue growth and meet evolving customer demands.

Sales Order Management

Our Sales Order Management includes capturing critical data at each stage of the sales process, from order entry to the final customer invoice. It enables centrally manages sales activities: Entering quotes, fulfilling sales orders, creating shipments, checking prices, applying discounts & schemes, incentives, and commission, getting Sales Margin visibility, and tracking Returns.

Excellon’s Sales Order Management streamlines the entire sales process, from initial order entry to the issuance of customer invoices. Key features include:

Centralized Sales Activity Management

Seamlessly handle various sales activities such as quote generation, order fulfilment, shipment creation, price verification, application of discounts and promotions, tracking sales margins, and managing returns.

Auto Allocation

Enables the Automatic Sales Allocate function, allowing soft commits and reserves the stock for the sales order.

Automates the allocation process, ensuring efficient stock allocation for sales orders. The Customers can be allocated unique components and serial numbers for their respective Sales Order Documents, enhancing accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Sales Planning

Excellon’s Sales Planning module provides a robust toolkit for strategic sales planning, encompassing profit-based target setting, sales forecasting, and demand planning. Key functionalities include:

Target Setting

Establish profit-driven targets aligned with overarching business objectives, enabling teams to focus efforts on high-potential opportunities and optimize resource allocation.

Sales Forecasting

Utilize advanced forecasting techniques to anticipate market trends, customer demand, and sales performance, empowering businesses to proactively adjust strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Demand Planning

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize inventory management, anticipate fluctuations in demand, and ensure optimal stock levels to meet customer needs effectively.

By leveraging Excellon’s Dealer Management System – Vehicle Management Solutions, modern sales managers can drive operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve sustained revenue growth in today’s competitive marketplace.