Dealer Management System – CRM

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Dealer Management System - CRM

In today’s dynamic markets, it’s essential to adopt a comprehensive Dealer Management System – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) approach that offers a 360-degree view of the customer across sales, marketing, and customer service functions.

Unlike ever before, customers are being inundated with choices and bombarded with a plethora of information and offers. At the same time, customer loyalty levels are dwindling, making it imperative for businesses to prioritize delivering rich, personalized experiences to their customers.

A holistic CRM perspective ensures that customers receive seamless experiences at every touchpoint, ultimately fostering greater loyalty and reducing lost sales. Excellon 5, our cutting-edge Dealer Management System – CRM, is designed to encompass all the necessary processes and applications for efficiently managing customer relationships.

Lead Management

An effective lead management system empowers staff to handle leads seamlessly, from capturing lead information to scheduling reminder follow-ups, managing product demonstrations/tests, and automatically assigning leads to relevant teams based on priority.

Customer Management

Our Dealer Management System – CRM software solution equips customer-facing staff with comprehensive insights into customers’ profiles, purchase history, preferences, and concerns. With this information, dealerships and distributors can effectively strategize upselling and cross-selling initiatives. Moreover, structured marketing strategies can be tailored to encourage existing customers to make repeat purchases.

Multi-Channel Workflow

Efficiently track campaigns, gather feedback, and address complaints across multiple channels, including email, digital platforms, social media, mobile applications, SMS, websites, and advertisements. Additionally, track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and optimize marketing spending by identifying the most fruitful customer acquisition channels.

Call Center Management

Maximize your CRM investment by leveraging Excellon’s Call Center Management Software. Understanding and addressing customers’ concerns, queries, and feedback are central to enhancing sales and marketing effectiveness.

Campaign Management

Our comprehensive solution provides end-to-end support for executing and analyzing customer-driven marketing campaigns. From planning and execution to tracking and analysis, Excellon empowers businesses to optimize their marketing efforts and drive tangible results

With Excellon “Dealer Management System – CRM”, businesses can unlock the full potential of efficiently managing customer relationships in the sales, marketing, and customer service functions.