Sales and Distribution Management – Inventory Management

Manage your Assets Effectively!

Inventory management is at the heart of any business as an effective Inventory Management Solution lets you stay ahead of the demand curve, optimize costs, reduce wastages and ensure the product’s availability to Customers. Excellon’s Inventory Management Solution enables tracking/managing and transferring inventory across multiple branches with integrated Warehouse Management.

1) Excellon’s Inventory Management Solution provides visibility across Warehouses and helps manage demand by transferring parts to the required warehouses/bins for quick locating and easy retrieval

2) Quantity/value-based stock requisition and adjustment

3) Automated calculating the stock’s average age to know the average time taken to sell a given product/part in the dealership.

4) Excellon Dealer Management System offers an efficient way to track and keep records of parts and items that were ordered, received, shipped, or put away. Inventory location control features help reduce the amount of time that is spent looking for inventory physically.

5) It is important and advantageous for a dealership to classify the existing inventory in their warehouse so that split-second decisions can be made depending on the available inventory type. With multiple classification tools such as ABC, FSN, MSL, and more embedded in Excellon Solution, one can choose the one that works best for the dealership.

6) Embedded stock valuation methods such as Average, Weighted Average, LIFO, FIFO, etc. By quickly calculating the costs of the stock sold and the remaining inventory cost and more, the Excellon Dealer Management System makes stock valuation easy and swift.

7) Alert the dealer about the stock-out situation. This way dealership can plan to procure necessary stock in time and avoid losing business with customers.

8) Efficient way to track and keep records of parts and items ordered, received, shipped, or put away. The inventory location control feature helps to reduce the amount of time that is spent looking for inventory.