Actionable Intelligence

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Get comprehensive, industry-specific analytics and dashboards across all modules, allowing the head office team to have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening across all dealerships. It enables them to filter and analyze dealership performance with ease using drag-and-drop filters, such as by region, city, and state, and obtain insights through the built-in business intelligence tool.

Transform unprocessed data into actionable insights across all aspects of your dealership.

CRM 360°

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In the context of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within the auto industry, actionable intelligence refers to the insights and information derived from a 360-degree view of customer data that can be promptly and effectively utilized to enhance customer interactions, improve business processes, and drive strategic decision-making.

Lead Analysis

Lead Daily zooms in on daily lead generation and conversion data, enabling fine-grained tracking of daily trends, essential for understanding fluctuations and making timely adjustments. Lead Detail delves into individual leads, offering source and interaction details, empowering personalized follow-up. Lead Trend tracks historical lead trends, revealing patterns for improved forecasting. Lastly, Lead Conversion is crucial for evaluating lead conversion efficiency, highlighting bottlenecks, and offering recommendations for increased sales and revenue, ensuring a comprehensive approach to lead management.

Activity Analysis

Activity Analysis encompasses the core components, providing a comprehensive view of issue management within your organization. Issue Analysis offers an in-depth examination of various challenges and concerns, aiding in the identification and resolution of issues. Issue Analysis Daily homes in on daily issue data, allowing for real-time tracking and trend identification. Resolution Analysis offers insights into the effectiveness of issue resolution processes and suggests areas for improvement, ensuring a well-rounded approach to issue management and resolution.


strategic analysis of data, businesses can glean valuable insights that inform decision-making and improve various aspects of their sales and procurement processes.

Sales Analysis

Sales Daily delves into daily sales data, allowing for real-time tracking and trend identification. Sale Detail offers a granular examination of individual sales, providing detailed insights into each transaction. Sale Trend tracks sales trends over time, aiding in the identification of patterns and variations. Sale Conversion evaluates the efficiency of the sales conversion process and offers recommendations for improved conversion rates, ensuring a holistic approach to sales analysis.

Purchase Analysis

Purchase Overview provides a high-level summary of purchase performance, while Purchase Daily zooms in on daily purchase data for trend analysis. Purchase Detail delves into individual purchases, offering comprehensive insights into each transaction, and Purchase Trend tracks historical purchase trends. Purchase Conversion evaluates the efficiency of the purchase conversion process, providing recommendations for enhancing conversion rates and ensuring a well-rounded approach to purchase analysis.

Lost Sale Analysis

Lost Sale Analysis is a focused component that allows for in-depth examination of lost sales, providing valuable insights into why potential sales opportunities were missed. This analysis helps identify areas for improvement and strategies to minimize lost sales, ultimately enhancing sales effectiveness and revenue generation.

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In the auto industry, actionable intelligence is revolutionizing spares management by leveraging data-driven insights to optimize the handling and availability of essential vehicle components. Through a data-driven approach, businesses can optimize their spare parts inventory, cultivate strategic supplier relationships, and streamline processes for improved overall performance.

Spare Sales Analysis

It is a robust toolkit designed to provide an in-depth understanding of spare parts sales performance within your organization. It encompasses several key components that collectively offer a comprehensive view of spare sales, including high-level summaries, daily performance tracking, granular examination of individual sales transactions, historical trend analysis, and an evaluation of the spare part conversion process. This holistic approach to spare sales analysis facilitates data-driven decision-making, aids in optimizing inventory management, and enhances the overall efficiency of spare parts sales operations, ultimately driving improved revenue and customer satisfaction.

Spare Purchase Analysis

Spares Purchase Analysis aims to gain valuable insights into procuring spare parts within your organization. It comprises several key components, including high-level summaries, daily purchase data, detailed examination of individual purchases, historical trend analysis, and an evaluation of the procurement process. This comprehensive approach to spare parts purchase analysis facilitates informed decision-making, helps optimize inventory management, and ensures efficiency in acquiring spare parts, ultimately contributing to cost-effective operations and timely service delivery.

Inventory Intelligence

Inventory intelligence involves leveraging data insights for efficient inventory management, focusing on positioning, aging, and valuation. Through data analytics, businesses strategically position high-demand items for prompt order fulfillment. They monitor inventory aging to prevent obsolescence, using actionable intelligence to categorize items and implement targeted measures like discounts. Additionally, employing data-driven methodologies such as weighted average cost or first-in, first-out (FIFO) ensures accurate inventory valuation. This approach enables businesses to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and maintain a dynamic balance between customer demand and supply chain efficiency.


In the automotive industry, actionable intelligence is reshaping service management by harnessing data-driven insights to optimize various facets of vehicle servicing. By leveraging data-driven insights, businesses are transforming their service processes to provide a superior and more personalized experience for their customers.

Job Card and Service Analysis

Crafted to provide in-depth insights into your organization’s job card and service processes. It encompasses various vital components, including a thorough examination of job cards, daily job card analysis, detailed service assessments, and a comprehensive daily breakdown of service and revenue data. Furthermore, it covers the analysis of repeat service instances, customer complaints, part sales, and revenue generation. Utilizing these components empowers you to gain valuable insights into the efficiency and performance of your job card, service, and revenue processes, facilitating data-driven decision-making and process optimization.

Service and Revenue Trend Analysis

Provide a deep understanding of the trends in service and revenue performance within your organization. This analysis encompasses two critical components, offering insights into the historical patterns and fluctuations in both service and revenue data. By examining these trends, you can make informed decisions, identify opportunities for improvement, and adjust your strategies to optimize service delivery and revenue generation.

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