Dealer Network Management System – Analytical Reports

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Dealer Network Management System - Analytical Reports

The Excellon Dealer Network Management System – Analytical Reports go beyond simply aggregating data; it intelligently analyzes data to provide meaningful insights, empowering timely and informed decision-making. Maximize the effectiveness of each marketing initiative, capitalize on every lead, gain real-time visibility into sales and revenue, exceed customer expectations with aftermarket management, and deepen understanding of end customers. Seamlessly optimize inventory and streamline critical business functions for enhanced efficiency.

At the heart of operations lies the Analytical Dashboard, serving as the centralized intelligence hub offering near real-time insights into the direction of the business. These analytical reports, derived from a meticulously curated Analytical Database updated at predefined intervals, offer succinct summaries of key data points.

HQ Dashboard:

Empowers the head office team with comprehensive, business-specific analytical reports and dashboards across all modules, providing a panoramic view of the dealer network’s activities and performance.

CRM Analytical Reports:

Leveraging CRM software, these reports delve into customer data to facilitate swift and informed business decisions. Insights include lead conversion rates, customer resolution analysis, the efficacy of marketing activities, and customer feedback analysis.

Service Analytical Reports:

Offering actionable insights, these reports dissect service center performance to elevate customer service standards. Metrics cover customer service representative performance, claims settlement time, service satisfaction levels, booking schedules, and service revenue analysis.

Sales and Purchase Analytical Reports:

These reports furnish comprehensive analyses of sales orders and lost sales, as well as conversion rates, providing invaluable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Similarly, they offer a global overview of purchase orders raised against suppliers, aiding in procurement strategy optimization.

Dealership/Distributorship Analytics:

Providing a holistic view of business processes, these analytical reports encompass revenue generation, financial management, dealer network performance, sales and purchase dynamics, and inventory management. By consolidating these insights, businesses can fine-tune strategies and drive sustainable growth across the entire value chain.

The Excellon Dealer Network Management System – Analytical Reports represent more than just a data aggregation platform, it’s a strategic tool for businesses to harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

With Excellon Dealer Network Management System – Analytical Reports, businesses can unlock the full potential of their dealer network and drive sustainable growth by leveraging sophisticated analytical capabilities with confidence.