Sales and Distribution Management – Procurement Management

Purchasing the right Quantity can make all the difference!

Procurement Management Solution is a key function in running a business successfully because it helps align Production planning and live up to stakeholder’s expectations. Managing Procurement function well ensures that you optimize cost and save time.

Automatic purchase orders

Accurately Ordering replacement stock is a Cumbersome task for any Dealership/Distributor Outlet. Excellon Procurement Management Solution makes this complex task a simple activity by putting different automatic ordering algorithms; the system prepares accurate orders ensuring there is neither Over-stocking nor Out-of-stock situation. Store personnel has the opportunity to manually review and adjust the order quantities before the ordering cut-off time.

Addition of local items from dealer end (Local Purchase order). This is a compelling and useful feature of the Excellon solution as many a time, OEM does not supply a few items which the dealers transact, and they cannot be made common to all the dealers in the chain. In such a situation with admin privileges, one can create items in the central database but can be applied to a set of dealers or individual dealers.

Invoice generation with various user-defined taxes, Payment reconciliation, and related accounting for excess, shortage, and damage.

Goods Receipt Note with MRP recording & landed cost calculation.

Purchase transaction reversal is possible with Automated inventory & Financial reversal integrated into the claim.