Dealer Management System – Spares Management

Asset Availability and Customer Satisfaction

Dealer Management System - Spares Management

Ensuring a good equilibrium between timely spare parts availability and minimizing capital tied up in inventory is paramount for operational efficiency. Failure to manage spare parts effectively can directly impact asset availability and ultimately customer satisfaction. Addressing the complexities of spare parts optimization begins with gaining better control over Maintenance, Repair, and Operations.

Enterprises using the Excellon Dealer Management System – Spares Management platform gain access to comprehensive data analysis, fostering a deeper understanding and transparency in spare parts management.

  • Insightful Demand Planning: Utilize sophisticated algorithms to forecast potential sales and anticipate demand based on defined parametric values.
  • Automated Purchase Orders: Streamline procurement processes by automatically generating purchase orders to OEMs for parts, subject to approval protocols.
  • Decisive Picklist Feature: Exercise precise control over sales for specific items through customizable picklists, ensuring efficient inventory management.
  • Discrepancy Management: Effectively handle discrepancies such as shortages, damages, and excess quantities through systematic tracking and resolution mechanisms.
  • Configurable Item Groups: Organize spare parts into groups with customizable parameters such as taxes, discounts, and pricing, facilitating streamlined management and pricing strategies.
  • Supplier Management: Efficiently manage supplier relationships by tagging products, defining transaction types, and setting credit limits to optimize procurement processes.
  • Inventory Classification Analysis: Employ advanced techniques like FSN (Fast, Slow, Non-moving), ABC (Activity-Based Costing), and MSL (Minimum Stock Level) analysis to categorize and prioritize inventory.
  • Inventory Stock Analysis: Gain insights into inventory performance through comprehensive analyses covering stock positioning, consumption patterns, movement trends, aging inventory, and future projections.

By harnessing the capabilities of the Excellon Dealer Management System – Spares Management platform, organizations can not only optimize their spare parts management but also enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate overall customer satisfaction.