Sales and Distribution Management – Analytical Reports

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Excellon dealer network management system does not just put together all the Data; instead, it analyses the Data and gives meaningful and intelligent insight that can help make correct and timely decisions. Get the most from every Marketing initiative, make every lead count, get real-time visibility into Sales and Revenue figures, ensure aftermarket management system surpasses all Customer expectations, Know the end customer better, Optimize Inventory and make all critical business functions seamless. The Analytical Dashboard is the nerve center of entire Operations, the Centralized intelligence unit that is truly in control and gives a near real-time picture of where Business is moving. These Analytical reports are meaningful summary data, and they are created from Analytical Database, which is created from the transaction systems at predefined intervals.

HQ Dashboard

Provides comprehensive business-specific Analytical Reports and Dashboards in all the modules for the Head Office team to have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the dealer network.

CRM Analytical Reports

CRM Software analytical reports analyze data about customers and present it to make better and quicker business decisions. Analysis of activities including Lead conversion, Customer Resolution Analysis, the impact of Marketing Activities, and Customer Feedback.

Service Analytical Reports

Service Analytical reports provide businesses with actionable insights that help them analyze all aspects of service center performance and improve Customer Service. Analysis of activities like Customer Service Representative performance, Time is taken for Claims Settlement, Customer Satisfaction level with service, Booking Schedule, and Service Revenue.

Sales and Purchase Analytical reports

These Analytical reports display sales orders’ global analysis based on customer profile, lost sales analysis, conversion analysis, etc. These Analytical reports display the global analysis of the purchase orders raised against the suppliers, which could be daily.

Dealership/Distributorship Analytics

Dealership/Distributorship Analytical reports provide a holistic picture of the entire gamut of business processes, including Revenues, Financial management, Dealer Network, Sales, Purchase, and Inventory Management.