Excellon 5 Warranty Management Solution has a big positive impact on Customer Satisfaction

The client is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world and operates through a large dealer network spread across over 30 countries on 5 continents. It is ranked as the world’s fourth-largest three and two-wheeler manufacturer. The brand is well-known across several Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and Southeast Asia.


1. Being a giant automotive manufacturer, the client has many dealers and third-party users. Hence the client needed a sustainable warranty administration solution for critical aspects of the warranty process, such as supervising deployed policies, flat pricing globally, fault codes, policy management, registration, and claims processing.

2. Client was looking for a one-stop solution to all warranty process-related issues from contract/claims administration to reporting.

3. Challenge for the client was to address issues of quick customer claim settlement. To facilitate efficient service to customers during the warranty period and big data from the point of origin to all stakeholders in the warranty chain.


1. Excellon deployed a Service Management system that has automated the entire Warranty Management process at the client’s dealerships. The flexibility obtained from the complete warranty lifecycle management of the vehicle made it easy for the operations, sales, and marketing teams at the dealership to improve their performance and productivity because of the module being user-friendly and a one-stop click solution for Warranty Management.

2. OEMs always emphasize reducing warranty costs payable to the customer by increasing the efficiency of the product and making the customer more satisfied with their product. This process helps ASC to track the warranty cost easily.

3. System helps in quick and accurate warranty claim settlement. It also gives an overview of passed and dropped claims.


The overall benefits of the solution offered by Excellon Warranty Management System –


1. End-to-end processing of claim submission, claim routing, part return, supplier recovery, and payments.

2. User-friendly platform with Automation of various processes to avoid human error and smooth flow.

3. Clarity in functions, communication, and integration at every step of the warranty management lifecycle

Process Efficiency

1. Robust monitoring of warranty management operating cost overheads

2. It most notably reduced errors witnessed due to warranty authorizations, claims verifications, approvals, and rejections while reducing claim processing time and managing operations with superlative visibility, control, and ease of use.

3. It also helped minimize the turnaround time and fraudulent claims while enhancing claim tracking.

4. It also helped the dealer in  faster claims settlement with OEMs

Customer Satisfaction

1. Simplified process for the vehicle owners, and they could easily submit claims, receive credits and initiate a recovery in a few simple clicks

2. Hassle-free Claim process resulting in improved customer satisfaction