Excellon 5 - A CUTTING EDGE YET SIMPLE TO USE, CLOUD BASED sales & distribution, service and dealer management software

Excellon 5 Platform can be configured, customized, and scaled according to business demands. Intuitive, functionally-rich and robust, the software delivers optimal efficiency, cost savings. It is an enterprise solution for managing large/multi-brand Sales, Service and Distribution Networks.

Operational Excellence and cost-effectiveness in Sales, Services and Distribution across the supply chain becomes more and more indispensable in almost every vertical, Excellon has developed a comprehensive Dealer Management Software that facilitates faster deliveries, with lower operational costs and minimal errors.

Businesses today are being constantly challenged by decrease turnaround time, stringent quality measures, audit compliances and increasing globalization. It is therefore imperative that they structure their processes to align with market opportunities and adopt the right technology to serve their customers better and gain a competitive edge.


Sales, Distribution & Service Networks Transformed

The ability to plan, organise and execute all your operations to surpass customer expectations is now in your hands. The Excellon 5 Platform is an enterprise solution for managing Multiband Sales, Service and Distribution networks. It integrates all business processes right from service booking to integrated claims management, from order booking to invoicing giving you a solution that utilises business resources effectively and streamlines your entire Sales, Distribution and Service Network.

Complex Business Operations, Automated

In an increasingly mobile world, where movement defines how enterprises perform, co-ordination among administrative centers, workplaces and individuals can get extremely challenging. Timely feedback and action is an issue faced by all involved – the Headquarters, Original Equipment Manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

From acquiring and fulfilling the needs of a demanding customer, to maintaining an inventory, to filing reports and more – manually managing all the areas of business eventually gets overwhelming and takes the focus away from planning the future of the business.

Efficient flow of information is critical for any business to grow. Regardless of the sector the OEM or company operates in, extensive coordination with its distributors and dealers, often spread across thousands of kilometers, is imperative.

Often, the complex co-ordination between the OEM and its dealers distributors can get extremely challenging. The Excellon 5 Cloud based Dealer Management Software is a permanent solution to transform your business operations.


Unique offerings

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Single Unified Solution

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Multi currency & Multi lingual

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Analytics and Business Intelligence

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Single Unified Solution



Single Unified Solution




Try Excellon 5, a software that would efficiently manage your entire business operations, and revolutionize your company's working pattern.

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