Successful Integration of Excellon 5 Dealer Management Platform with an eCommerce Giant

The clients are market leaders in their respective segments in booming two-wheeler market in India. While client-1 leads the commuter and entry level segments, client-2 is leading the niche segment of leisure biking.
In India, the spread of e-commerce has led to the rise of several niche players who largely specialise their products around a specific theme. About 25% of registered e-commerce websites are for niche businesses. An eCommerce company is a competitive market leader in rapidly growing e-commerce segment in India.


1. Both the clients were the first to enter in the direct online market.

2. In 2015, client-2 sold its entire inventory of 200 units of limited edition motorcycles within 26 minutes of the opening of online booking.

3. With an e-commerce platform, a potential customer can enquire, shortlist, select, compare, and book the motorcycle at the click of a button, without bothering to visit the actual showroom.


1.Excellon used internal links provided by clients to integrate with an eCommerce platform, ensuring the collection of data regarding enquiries, bookings, search results, product comparison, and customer buying behaviour.
It dramatically helped the client to plan and execute the strategies for marketing, promotion, and overall business improvement for online sales.
2.The entire Dealer Management Systems for both the clients was developed by Excellon.
For both clients, integrating DMSs with an eCommerce platform proved to be an advantage for generating more database and automating the process.


1.Because of the integration technology from Excellon, an eCommerce company’s first-of-its-kind automobile platform is available through the web and mobile platforms.
It has a wide variety of options, comparisons, and even an auto loan facility.
2.As the entire process of selling — from booking to delivery and service is now streamlined, clients can effortlessly generate reports that analyse customer buying behaviour and demand-and-supply information.
3.It helps to drastically reduce the lead time for execution of marketing and promotion strategy for online sales domain.