Technician App

Excellon’s service app is a comprehensive solution to streamline service operations and elevate customer satisfaction. The app enhances mechanics’ productivity and ensures high-quality, standardized repairs by enabling efficient appointment scheduling, providing advanced diagnostic tools, and offering access to genuine parts. Real-time communication with customers, continuous training support, and robust data security further establish the OEM as a leader in customer service, fostering trust and loyalty while optimizing operational workflows.

Efficient Service Management:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Enable customers to schedule service appointments conveniently, reducing wait times and ensuring timely assistance.
  • Work Order Management: Streamline service workflows with digital work orders, allowing mechanics to access service histories and customer preferences, enhancing personalized service.

Repair Assistance:

  • Repair Guides and Videos: Offer access to comprehensive repair guides, videos, and technical resources, assisting mechanics in complex repairs and ensuring adherence to OEM standards.

Genuine Parts and Inventory Management:

  • Parts Ordering: Integrate the app with the OEM’s parts catalogue, enabling mechanics to order genuine parts directly, ensuring quality repairs and customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Monitoring: Implement inventory management features to track parts availability, automate reordering, and minimize downtime, enhancing operational efficiency.

Customer Communication and Feedback:

  • Real-time Updates: Keep customers informed about service progress, repair status, and estimated completion times, fostering transparency and trust.
  • Feedback System: Gather customer feedback after service completion, enabling continuous improvement based on customer insights and enhancing service quality.

Efficient Workflow Management:

  • Work Order Management: Enable technicians to manage work orders, track repairs, and update service statuses digitally, streamlining workflow and improving productivity.