History of Excellon Software

The Beginning

Excellon Software is born in the city of Nagpur – with the coming together of few enterprising individuals determined to leave their mark on the technology solutions landscape.

The Consolidation

Four years of refinement, innovation and relentless pursuit of being the best in the business – The Excellon 3.0 Dealer Management System is proof that we are in this for the long haul.

The Expansion

Over the next six years, Our product has grown through further development – a couple of versions passed before the big expansion coming in the form of Excellon 5.

The First Product Release

Excellon 2.0 Product release come on the back of extensive research & development. After a number of itirations through continues improvement, we finally develop a product that is ready to challange excisting notions.

Large Client Database

Excellon acheives a large client base and releases a more advanced Dealer Management System

Envisaging The Future

Recognized as one of the most innovative software technology companies in India by peers & industry bodies. Excellon is now venturing into newer markets and is forging glocal strategic partnerships.