The tyre industry has seen a consistent and steady rise over the past few decades. Today, it is one of the  highest earning industries at the global level. 

• Increment Automotive Vehicle Sales – The world runs on wheels and most of them require tyres! Population growth with a significant increase in income has resulted in the growth of automobile industry. Stable automobile production over the past few decades has propelled worldwide tyre sales. Growing demand for Crossover Utility Vehicles has also driven the demand for tyres. Optimistic forecast for the world construction industry has led to growth in the demand for construction vehicle tyres. High floatation farm tyres and off-road vehicle tyres demand has further boosted the sales over the years. Apart from this, global growth in fleet vehicles and two-wheeler segment has fuelled the demand globally.

Competition Rise Among Tyre Manufacturers – Radialized tyres segment is the key revenue generator in all market segments. Tyre manufacturers are in cut-throat competition by offering fuel efficient and low rolling resistance tyres. Along with keeping pace with stringent environmental regulations, they are offering ultra fuel-efficient tyres with unconventional tread patterns like ribs and blocks. ‘Eco-friendly’ is the new buzz word today and the manufacturers are striving to satisfy the demand by providing new generation tyres. 

• Improvement Of Manufacturing Processes – Innovation in manufacturing processes increased the quality and reduced the production cycle time. Production systems like JIT (Just in Time), have facilitated reduction and eventual elimination of all forms of wastage. Tools like standard work practice have enabled to combine the most effective job sequence during manufacturing to achieve the most efficient production method without wastage. The demand for tyres is increasing day by day and several Greenfield plants are in the pipeline that is expected to bridge this demand-supply gap.

• Increase In The Life Of Automobiles – With the increase in vehicle quality, consumers prefer to retain their vehicles for a longer duration, leading to rising in average vehicle life. This gives a golden opportunity for demand growth in replacement tyres in the aftermarket.

Challenges of the Government & PSU industry 
  • Lack of centralized control and standardized processes 
  • Importance of ‘Real-time’
  • The necessity for dealership streamlining
  • Limited functionality
  • Lack of third-party integration
  • Incorporation of government policies
  • Technology support
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Excellon’s dealership management suite offers a comprehensive and unified solution that helps you manage small to very large and complex service/dealer network.
  • It provides a real-time interface to track your tyre distribution network and brings a unified customer experience across varied locations.
  • With Excellon’s dealership management system, you can manage your tyre sales, service, purchase, inventory management everything together under one roof. It has special features for auto ordering based on the stock level, forecasting, demand planning and average sales. The inventory management lets you manage your stocks efficiently and the service management software integrates the processes from field service to billing.
  • The decision support layer is well-equipped with business planning tools that provide comprehensive and robust analytics and interactive dashboards along with the complete reporting. The dashboards empower targeted analysis by providing comprehensive usage and transaction history reports. Additionally, it facilitates targeted marketing campaigns.
  • The system can be easily integrated with other existing third-party tools for managing functions outside the dealership management like call center management, complaint management and many more.
  • Excellon enables you to perform run-time calculations of taxes and discounts including GST and multi-tiered discounting, demand planning with accurate sales forecasting, calculation of sales target based incentives and commissions, credit billing and limit violations and supports extended warranty for AMC. Excellon’s Exact is a GSP solution that enables you to be GST compliant whether using its own product or by using third-party ASP solution.
  • Excellon leverages latest technology advances to provide cloud-based service business software. It also provides many important features of dealership management system on a mobile platform.
  • With added user-friendly features, it supports multiple currencies, languages, states and countries operations.
  • With its presence in multiple countries in Asia, North America and Australia, Excellon is in a strong position to provide the best quality global support to its customers.
  • The system is highly configurable, easy to operate and can be customized based on your business demands. At the same time, it is flexible enough to deploy and manage a large number of data transactions during the peak hours and seasons without affecting the performance. Its unique smart client deployment and built-in compression technique for data exchange allows it to run even on low bandwidth. Complete data security and strong business and process control are the features of this service business software, which attract most of the companies. The rule-based system lets you configure the business and accounting rules to manage the unique and enormous difference in the business process.
  • Tyres & Accessories
  • Tyre Service & Warranty Management
  • Tyre Availability, Prices & Service Campaigns
  • Optimize Inventory Cost
  • Managing On Field Service Call Through Mobility

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