Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry-OVERVIEW

Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG is an industry that caters to the everyday needs which includes an array of products that include daily supplies. The turnaround time is very quick in an industry like this and there are a lot of processes that work as a chain and it is necessary to maintain a smooth flow of these functions to ensure timely delivery of the products.

With new FMCG Inventory Management & Distribution Software technologies and products rolling out very often, it is important to keep up with the industry and grow with and beyond it.

Challenges of FMCG sector
  • Inventory overstocking or Stock-out situation at the Distributor Stockist level 
  • Managing demand during peak periods and seasonal fluctuations
  • Dealing with Counterfeit Products
  • Opportunistic games played by
    the distributors
  • Illegal printing of Coupons and illegal movement of goods from one market to another during local promotions
  • Low Customer loyalty and high Brand switching
  • Perishable/Limited shelf life inventory management
  • Managing Huge and complex FMCG Distribution network
  • Regulatory issues due to lack of standardized procedures and bureaucratic hurdles
  • Managing supply chain constraints which comprises of multiple layers of numerous retailers between company and end customer
  • Complex and Stringent tax regime

My Excellon's FMCG Distribution software Solution is equipped to handle the magnitude and complexity of the FMCG Industry's Distribution Network. Excellon software not only provides access to the Primary and Secondary sales data but also provides visibility of the Tertiary sales data. Real-time sales data is critical to know the ground realities of Product popularity and Customer buying pattern so that Production planning can be done accordingly. It helps to upscale, align and emerge as formidable player in technology-driven global market.


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