Consumer Durables Industry - OVERVIEW

Consumer Durables is an industry that has seen only growth over the last two decades. With the increase in demand for new and innovative products and with the huge rise in the consumers’ ability to purchase, the market is at its peak and seems to stay that way in the near future. However, the industry also faces challenges like ever increasing price of raw materials as well as massive competition that will have a detrimental effect on the sector.

Overview of Consumer Durables Industry
Challenges of the consumer durables sector
  • Rising Competition
  • Matching high Customer Expectations
  • Necessity to build Direct Customer Relationship
  • Rising cost of Materials
  • Predicting future demand and Ensuring Product Availability
  • Need to make Timely decision regarding Manufacturing and Distribution Strategies
  • Risk of assuming Product Liability, warranty and Recall costs which may affect Operational and Financial aspects
  • Dwindling Operating Margins
  • Compliances and Regulatory Pressures
  • Data Visibility 

Excellon’s dynamic and unique Consumer Durables ERP Software Solutions will be able to provide solutions to the issues faced by Consumer Durables Industry today. The software’s ability to provide real-time data access aids in reacting faster to the demand fluctuations and price changes thus giving its users an edge over the competition. Based on this, supply and demand can be effectively aligned. 

Our solution gives visibility and can help synchronize material sourcing, manufacturing and distribution to shorten your time to market. Centralised business monitoring and control allows companies to better manage processes. Improved inventory management helps you raise customer service levels. Excellon's quick deployment methodology for Consumer Durables specific solution will help you save time & cost of implementation.

  • Track Inventory across Supply Chain Partners 
  • Quick Claim and Warranty settlement
  • Secondary Sales and stock Visibility
  • Manage Incentives and schemes to enhance Sales
  • Better Demand forecast
  • End Customer Visibility
  • Efficient After sales service
  • Managing Multi-brand Dealer Outlets with ease

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