Excellon 5 Platform

Excellon 5 Platform


Customer Relationship Management

Ensuring Customer Delight every single time !

Customer Relationship Management

Today's customers are spoilt for choice, bombarded with information and offers unlike earlier. Customer loyalty levels are dwindling, and hence it is imperative to provide rich Personalized experience to Customers. For businesses to succeed, they should have a CRM 360 degree Customer View information and provide this visibility across functions like sales, marketing and customer service. This ensures customers have a seamless experience every single time leading to more Customer Loyalty and reduction in lost sales. Excellon 5 makes sure that its customer management system includes all the processes and applications required to manage the customer relationship efficiently.

Lead Management

Effective Lead Management capability allows the staff to manage leads with respect to capturing lead information,Reminder follow-ups, Product Demo/Test management, Auto assignment of leads to Teams, assigning priority to leads.

Customer Management

Our CRM Software Solution gives customer-facing staff detailed information on customers' profile, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns. Having Customer Information means Dealerships/Distributors can strategize Up-Selling and Cross-selling to their Customers. Structured Marketing strategies can be designed using this system to encourage Existing Customers to buy more of the same Products.

Multi - Channel Workflow

Track Campaigns, feedback and Complaints through Multiple channels including Email, Digital, Social, Mobile Application, SMS , Websites, Advertisement, etc. Even track effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and money spent on any marketing channel by tracking the source of your customers.

Call Center Management

Extend CRM Investment by using Excellon Call Center Management Software. Understanding Customers concerns, queries, feedback is at the center of any Company's Sales and Marketing division.

Campaign Management

A complete solution for execution and analysis of customer driven marketing campaign.


Stay up-to-date with your Sales as they happen !

Customer Relationship Management

Managing Sales is a business discipline that focusses on sales techniques, processes and operations in order to increase revenue. In today's hyper competitive market, a company strives for increasing sales volume, contributing to sales pipeline, and continue to work on growing demand of customers. To achieve these objectives, Excellon offers Sales Management System best practices that modern manager can follow to give his company the best chance at meeting those revenue goals.

Sales Order Management

Our Sales Order Management includes capturing key data at each stage of the sales process right from order entry to the final customer invoice.

Centrally manage sales activities: Entering quotes, fulfilling sales orders, creating shipments, checking prices, applying discounts & schemes, incentive and commission, getting Sales Margin visibility and tracking Returns.

Auto Allocation

Enables the Automatic Sales Allocate function which allows to soft commit and reserve the stock for the sales order.

The Customers can be allocated with unique components, serial number for their respective Sales Order Documents.

Sales Planning

A complete planning tool to help in setting profit based targets, sales forecasting, and demand planning for execution of strategic business plan.


Manage your Assets Effectively !

Customer Relationship Management

Inventory management is at the heart of any business as an effective Inventory Management Software lets you stay ahead of the demand curve,optimise costs, reduce wastages and ensure availability of the product to Customers. Excellon's Inventory Management System enables tracking/managing and transfer of inventory across multiple branches with integrated Warehouse Management.

1) Excellon's Inventory Management Solution provides visibility across Warehouses and helps manage demand by transferring parts to the required warehouses / bins for quick locating and easy retrieval

2) Quantity / value based stock requisition and adjustment

3) Automated calculating of the average age of the stock to know the average time taken to sell a given product/part in the dealership.

4) Excellon DMS Solution offers an efficient way to track and keep records of parts and items that were ordered, received, shipped, or put away. Inventory location control features help reduce the amount of time that is spent looking for inventory physically.

5) It is important and advantageous for a dealership to classify the existing inventory in their warehouse so that split-second decisions can be made depending on the type of inventory that is available. With multiple classification tools such as ABC, FSN, MSL and more embedded in Excellon Solution, one can choose the one that works best for the dealership.

6) Embedded stock valuation methods such as Average, Weighted Average, LIFO, FIFO, etc. By quickly calculating the costs of the stock sold and the cost of the remaining inventory and more, Excellon Dealer Management Software makes stock valuation easy and swift.

7) Alert the dealer about stock out situation. This way dealership can plan to procure necessary stock in time, and avoid loosing buiness with customers.

8) Efficient way to track and keep records of parts and items that were ordered, received, shipped, or put away. Inventory location control feature helps to reduce the amount of time that is spent looking for inventory physically.

Procurement Management

Because Purchasing the right Quantity can make all the difference!

Customer Relationship Management

Procurement Management System is a key function in running business successfully because it helps align Production planning and live up to stakeholders expectations. Managing Procurement function well ensures that you optimise cost and save time.

Automatic purchase orders

Accurately Ordering replacement stock is a Cumbersome task for any Dealership/Distributor Outlet. Excellon Procurement Management Software makes this complex task a simple activity by putting in place different automatic ordering algorithms, the system prepares accurate orders ensuring there is neither Over-stocking nor Out-of-stock situation. Store personnel have the opportunity to manually review and adjust the order quantities prior to the ordering cut-off time.

Addition of local items from dealer end (Local Purchase order). This is a very powerful and useful feature of Excellon solution as many a time, OEM does not supply a few items which are transacted by the dealers and they cannot be made common to all the dealers in the chain. In such a situation with admin privileges, one can create items in the central database but can be applied to a set of dealers or individual dealers.

Invoice generation with various user defined taxes, Payment reconciliation and related accounting for excess, shortage and damage.

Goods Receipt Note with MRP recording & landed cost calculation.

Purchase transaction reversal is possible with Automated inventory & Financial reversal integrated to claim.


Make Service your All-powerful Loyalty Tool

Customer Relationship Management

Most Businesses spend their efforts and resources in attracting new Customers. However, it is important for Businesses to have effective Strategies in place to retain existing Customers. It is easier to retain existing customers than attract new ones. The best possible way to enhance the chances of Repeat buying and Customer Loyalty is great Aftermarket Software. Great service includes Convenience, promptness, Cost-effectiveness in After Sales Service Management.
Consistency is another important parameter. Consistently good service at any of the locations of the brand is very important. Consistency is achieved by designing customer oriented processes, and adherence to those customer centric processes helps in maintaining consistently good service levels resulting in customer delight.

1) Excellon's Service Management System is a comprehensive customer service management software that manages Service for Carry-In (walk-in service), On-Site (field service management), Return-To-Bench (RTB) after-sales processes.

2) Creation and maintenance of service contract like warranty, free service, extended warranty, AMC.

3) Automate the process of service Right from gate pass management, billing, invoicing to generation of service reminder and multiple planning utilities.

4) Manage and monitor the adherence to Service Standards and KPI. Reward the performers and identify the improvement areas and processes.

5) Service Planning tools that capture the Service History of the product with every detail of job card available globally with configurable Service Reminder engine.

6) It allows Service advisors to schedule service, assign job card & targets to mechanic in one easy to follow screen from their desk.

7) Service Performance of the Technician can be assessed by tracking the Technician's job efficiency and accordinly incentivising.

8) Managing Customer Service offers and schemes by Digitisation of Coupons.


Making your Money work harder for you !

Customer Relationship Management

Dealerships/Distributors today require speedy decision making and to do that you need to have real-time visibility into your financial data, cash flows, liquidity and your accounting process. Proper Financial Management and control can help turnaround the Businesses and can give a much needed competitive edge. Excellon Financial Software does all this and more taking into consideration Regulatory Compliances.

1) Maintaining the Receipts for Outstanding payments/ advances.

2) Banking functionalities: Withdrawal, Transfer, Deposit, Bank Reconciliation.

3) Maintaining a complete and accurate audit trail.

4) Helps Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable management.

5) Gain real-time visibility into cash balances.

6) Business Unit wise Budgeting & Targets based on user-defined periods.

7) Track and Manage the Business Accounts.

8) Get real-time visibility into financial performance with comprehensive reports.

9) Complete view of Financial Statements like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L account.


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Important information on your Fingertips !

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Excellon Solution does not just put together all the Data, instead it analyses the Data and gives meaningful and intelligent insight that can aid in making correct and timely decisions. Get the most from every Marketing initiative, make every lead count, get real-time visibility into Sales and Revenue figures, ensure After Sales Service surpasses all Customer expectations, Know the end customer better, Optimise Inventory and make all critical business functions seamless. The Analytical Dashboard is the nerve center of entire Operations, the Centralised intelligence unit that is truly in control and gives a near real-time picture of where Business is moving. These Analytical reports are meaningful summary data and they are created from Analytical Database which is created from the transaction systems at predefined intervals.

HQ Dashboard

Provides comprehensive business specific Analytical Reports and Dashboards in all the modules for the Head Office team to have a bird's eye view of what is happening in the network.

CRM Analyical Reports

CRM Software analytical reports analyzes data about customers and presents it so that better and quicker business decisions can be made. Analysis of activities including Lead conversion, Customer Resolution Analysis, impact of Marketing Activities and Customer Feedback.

Service Analytical Reports

Service Analytical reports provides businesses with actionable insights that helps them to analyze all aspects of service center performance and take action to improve the Customer Service. Analysis of activities like Customer Service Representative performance, Time taken for Claims Settelement, Customer Satisfaction level with service, Booking Schedule and Service Revenue.

Sales and Purchase Analytical reports

These Analytical reports displays the global analysis of sales orders on the basis of customer profile, lost sales analysis, conversion analysis etc. These Analytical reports displays the global analysis of the purchase orders raised against the suppliers which could be on daily basis.

Dealership/Distributorship Analytics

Dealership/Distributorship Analytical reports provides a holistic picture of the entire gamut of business process including Revenues, Financial management, Sales, Purhcase and Inventory Management.

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Excellon architecture and design easily allows for custom extensions and integration with other software and ERP Software. With its Service Oriented Architecture and web services, it can be integrated with many ERP for OEM or other business systems in the application landscape.

State-of-the-art service oriented architecture (SOA) with web services interfaces for easier integration and seamless extension. Multiple interface options like Web Services, Interface tables, Third party Middleware and Programmable API's.




The Power to keep your Customers Enagaged !

Cloud Portal Platform

The extensive capabilities produced by Excellon DMS Software are not limited to enabling internal transactions only, with Excellon Cloud Portal, you now have the power to engage your customers and drive satisfaction higher than ever. The Cloud Based Distribution Software Portal integrates and interfaces with other platforms and solutions in your enterprise to deliver seamless brand image and experience for customers and employees alike. You can provide a single channel for your multiple Mobile Apps to access and update information. From designing targeted campaigns to creating personalized quotes to Order Processing and handling feedback, the Cloud Portal is a unified bridge to your customer's heart.

Content Management

Built in content management allows fully featured product catalog with images, videos, textual content and links to external contents. Provision to tag contents to backend Excellon DMS Software features allows auto extension of pricing, schemes, discounts with stock control as per customer's presence in dealers command area.

Campaigning and Lead Management

Design targeted marketing campaigns and publish those using notifications and messaging capabilities. Capture leads that gets created in Vehicle Dealer Management Software and assigned to dealers as per predefined parameters. Prospects can get personalized quotes and request for specific information related to vehicles.

Order Processing

Provision to take vehicle booking with integration to payment gateways. Availability of spares of each dealer can be extended with online order registration. Integration to DMS ensures end to end order processing from order capturing to invoicing and delivery

Service Management

Customers can view service history and service advices for their vehicles and requests for appointments. Load factor for each service center can help centralized service booking. Integrated notification and messaging feature keeps customer informed of progress related to vehicle being serviced. Online payment with pickup and drop facility enable customers to get the vehicle serviced without visiting the service center.

Complaints and Feedback

Complaint management feature of Excellon DMS can be extended to capture customer complaints and follow the workflow for logical closure of customer complaint. Questions related to Feedback for sales and service can be designed in DMS and customer's response can be captured for detailed analysis.

Cloud Portal Administration

Configure the portal for integration to backend DMS Solution and manage customer registration and dealer registration with multilevel tagging of dealers to command areas. Schedule and configure marketing and promotional banners and navigation parameters. 

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive usage and transaction history reports with interactive role based dashboards for targeted analytics.

Customer App

Give your Business and Customers a Strategic App-vantage

Excellon 5's Customer Application

Get up close to your customers in a meaningful way. With your own custom designed app, you can enable your customers to benefit from all the varied services offered by the Excellon Cloud Portal directly at their fingertips. From checking out the latest offers, obtaining the best quotations, searching the closest dealer location to booking and tracking services, your business is not just a service provider but also a facilitator of a richer and more rewarding customer experience.

1) View Product Catalogs

2) Get Push Notification

3) Online Vehicle Booking

4) Book Service Appointment

5) Know progress of Service in the service station

6) Track Service History

7) Various Payment Options for booking as well as service payments

8) Locate Nearby Dealer/Service Locations


Motorist App

Specially designed for passionate Bike and Car lovers

Excellon 5's Customer Application

The Motorist App helps owners of certain Car and Bike models to form groups and experience Community Riding/Driving. It helps you record your duration, distance and Route travelled on the App.

1) Motorist Calendar screen consisting of List of upcoming Rides along with day, date and KM to be covered concerning particular ride.

2)Motorist Log screen comprises of the list of upcoming rides registered by the user followed by rides completed by the user.

3)During the drive Start/ Stop tracking phenomenon can also be maintained by Motorist for determining the beginning and completion of the ride by the riders. It also includes the share button, Photo button and Messages button with notification for unread messages.

4)Post drive Information Screen includes the information about the maximum speed during the ride, the Average Pace of the rider, Total Distance Travelled and Weather forecast of the journey route.

Dealer App

Stay Mobile, Stay connected at all times !

Excellon 5's Customer Application

Excellon 5’s dealer application extends the capabilities of DMS to tablets and mobile phones, allowing dealership’s resources to deliver value-added service and shorten transaction time across business areas. With faster turnaround time on critical aspects such as acting on leads, following-up on sales enquiries or customer sales interaction, your improving efficiency will transform your business.

1) Capture real time enquiry

2) Job card

3) Product catalog and presentation

4) Booking Tracker

5) Warranty audit and claims tracking

6) Inventory monitoring

7) Quick item search

8) Customer feedback tracker


Try Excellon 5, a software that would efficiently manage your entire business operations, and revolutionize your company's working pattern.

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