Excellon connect platform offers the functionalities of dealer management system on the mobile or tablet devices, thereby giving a push in business agility and efficiency by providing the real time access to all the information related to a customer or vehicle anytime and anywhere from your mobile device. Features like engaging leads, enhancing customer experience, increasing customer loyalty and simplifying multiple dealership processes are just a few of the benefits.

Taking the dealership to the next level, Excellon connect platform can engage the leads, enhance the customer experience, increase the customer loyalty and simplifying multiple dealership processes.

Next generation platform with the combination of complete IoT, Chatbot, AI platform…: -

Excellon 5's Customer Application

B2B App

Transforming the Dealer experience- that provides right insights at the right time

Excellon connect platform provides an intelligent software that empowers and automates the entire End-to-end business ecosystem. This B2B app empowers the OEM’s and the dealer with the tool that provides seamless customer experience, increase sales, and optimize operations.

Excellon 5's Customer Application

Community App

Excellon 5's Customer Application
Excellon 5's Customer Application

Specially Designed For Passionate Bike and Car Lovers
The Community App enables rider to form group and experience community riding to ride more. Stay up to date on the latest news and events with the Excellon’s Community app.

B2C App

Customer Service on the go!

Excellon Connect B2C app has revolutionize the way in which one interact with end customers. Increase business agility and efficiency by accessing all the information you need related to a customer or vehicle anytime, anywhere, from your mobile.

Excellon 5's Customer Application

Try Excellon 5, a software that would efficiently manage your entire business operations, and revolutionize your company's working pattern.