BMW Motorrad – Leading German Automobile selects Excellon 5 DMS for their 2- wheelers business in India

BMW Motorrad has been producing Motorcycles since 1923. Whether in the field of design, engines, chassis, environmental responsibility, or safety: BMW Motorrad occupies a leading position in all of them. Comprehensive service and a dense network of highly committed dealers guarantee exclusive BMW motorcycling pleasure virtually everywhere in the world.


1.BMW requires a single unified platform that can be seamlessly integrated with SAP & other BMW proprietary systems in real-time.
2.The vision of BMW is to have a next-generation customer intelligence platform collaborating with new technologies.
3. BMW’s aim is to have a cloud solution that should adopt the local compliances, support with the functionality: multilingual & multicurrency, which can be extended to other countries.
4.The real-time visibility, proactive decision–making solution that helps to meet the business growth globally.


1.Excellon Software provided a next-generation end-to-end Dealer Management system – domestic and international business.
2.Excellon’s comprehensive system was integrated with a backend solution for real-time information flow using the innovative Integration Engine of Excellon DMS. Low bandwidth requirements and the rule-based engine of Excellon DMS handled diverse requirements with ease.

3.Mission-critical functions like Automating the Sales Process, Warranty Management, Service Management, Inventory Tracking, and Customer relationship management were all part of the comprehensive and Robust Excellon 5 Dealership Software solution. The system is equipped to tackle country-level tax structure and is multi-lingual and multi-currency compatible.