Top Trends To Watch in the Automotive Industry In 2019

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The year 2019 has marked the revolution in the automotive sector with increasing automation, digitization of DMS and innovative business models. The year casts definite trends that will dictate and transform the response of the industry players to the changing customer behavior.

Electric Vehicles

Depleting non-renewable energy reservoirs have been the primary driving factor of the electric cars and in turn, the DMS Solution for EV, Ford and Volkswagen have kickstarted this go-green initiative with plans to bring their variants in the market in near future.

Autonomous Vehicles

The year is expected to witness the launch of autonomous vehicles from a range of automakers that promise enhanced traffic management and improved passenger comfort lowering road accidents. The autonomous vehicle technology will accompany the increased demand in the DMS for an autonomous vehicle that will ease the life of auto manufacturers and dealers by efficiently managing the Supply Chain life cycle.

Connected Cars

IoT has sparked the rising adoption of the concept of connected vehicles in next five years which will share the vital information including speed, weather, accidents, sudden breaking and much more via v2v (vehicle to vehicle) communication.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has revolutionized every step in the automobile production including design, operation and servicing by enabling the scaling of various processes and eliminating the waste to reduce the cost. While this year, the sector will experience more determined steps for integrating the designing and engineering activities with the cloud, the cloud-based dealer management system will increasingly manage all the post-manufacturing business processes with greater ease and efficiency, reducing the operational and inventory cost.

3D Printing

3D Printing is all set to completely transform the concept of accident repair. The new idea lets the auto-manufacturers build the car on a solid chassis with the outer body intended to withstand a single crash as against three to five crashes in traditional vehicles. 3D printing offers a cost-effective replacement of the outer body keeping the basic structure intact and is the fastest growing trend of the year.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics, one of the biggest benefits of the Big Data will be imperative in the prediction of risk factors and traffic accidents and will significantly help even the consumers from fewer breakdowns to the cheaper insurance premiums for safe drivers. It will be a game changer of 2019.

Blockchain Capabilities

It is one of the hottest technology that is being used first in 2018 and is grabbing immense attention today in the techno space. Blockchain technology in dealership software is intended to create a secure and trusted protocol for the vital supply chain of the industry. It will facilitate removal of the counterfeit parts from the market leading to enhanced transparency and competent pricing strategies and will benefit the dealerships tremendously.

Today’s rapidly changing technology is keeping the automakers on their toes and simultaneously, offer new tools like advanced dealer management system and DMS Mobile Application to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the industry. All in all, the year 2019 poses not only promising but also exciting future and transformations for the automotive industry at the global level


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