Role of Dealer Management System in Proactive Customer Service

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Providing reactive support is no longer enough for quality customer relationship management (CRM). Waiting until the last possible minute to solve your customer's queries and complaints will lead to loss of customer loyalty and a bad reputation for customer service. In today's fast-paced world, the need of the hour is for every dealership to offer proactive support that anticipates the needs and requirements of customers before the problem becomes too big to handle.

Excellon DMS features next-generation dealer management system capabilities with innovative solutions geared at catering to real-life problems of dealership operations in a proactive manner. The team behind Excellon DMS is constantly striving to offer dealers improved financial and operational performance, along with faster deliveries, lower operational costs and minimal errors.

How Can Excellon DMS Help You Offer Proactive Customer Service?

Offering proactive services to your customers will improve customer satisfaction and lead to greater productivity within your organisation. Here are a few ways that Excellon Dealer Management System aids proactive customer service standards:

1. Quick Field Service Management

As an auto dealer, a large part of your enterprise solutions is geared toward boosting the efficacy of your field teams. Excellon DMS offers you a centralized view and complete control to monitor all the relevant field service activities your employees are indulging in. This will enable you to zoom in on what is not working in your field endeavors and correct it.

2. Goods Delivery On Urgent Mode

Excellon DMS features a quick ordering process so that your customers can order and get their goods delivered on an urgent basis even if said goods are not available in the inventory.

3. Campaign Management

Sales and marketing campaigns can be integrated into the customer relationship management software. With fully featured monitoring and management tools, your marketing campaigns can be easily handled and executed from start to finish.

4. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the most important driving factor in excellent customer relationship management. In order to offer customers what they want on time, you have to first know what they want. Excellon DMS with customer relationship management system offers you a quick and easy way to record customer feedback and suggestions, even telephonically, so that your dealership team is better able to focus on the issues that your customer is facing, and be able to solve it in a timely manner.

5. Dynamic Help Features

Calling a dealership or writing an email often takes a lot of the customer's time. Many customers prefer to not go down that route at all and attempt to find the solutions they need themselves. An integral part of proactive customer service is offering clients multiple options. Excellon DMS has an embedded Dynamic Help option that is designed for users who would like to help themselves. This help feature contains all the information that the users might need in a comprehensive and easy to understand format.

Excellon Dealer Management System helps you achieve your company's financial goals while aiding your customer relationship management endeavours.


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