Overcoming Speed Bumps On The Road To Electric Vehicles With Excellon 5 Platform

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A dream that turned into reality sooner than expected, the future of the automobile industry is here - electric cars. Over the years, several countries in the world have increasingly looked towards cleaner and greener energy to power automobiles. Aiming to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, not just western but several developing nations like India and China too have begun looking at alternative energy in an unprecedented manner. Contradictory to this, according to experts, the first phase of electric vehicles in the marketplace presents new challenges for OEMs in terms of executing an effective and sustained growth strategy. (Ref -

The extended global auto industry is facing what could be its most gruelling challenges in a century driven by a convergence of technology, regulatory, and consumer trends and distributors seem right in the middle. One could say that the most critical moment in the EVM market is on the dealership showroom floor, where sellers struggle in convincing consumers to take the leap of faith. EVs do have a lot going for them - saving time, money while producing zero emissions. You, therefore, need a Dealer Management Solution that enables your dealer to be the best salesman he possibly can while still handling the other nitty-gritty's that are so important to the dealerships functioning.

The automobile industry is experiencing a technological revolution with the rise of electric vehicles, which are challenging internal combustion counterparts. With over two decades of experience in the automotive sector, Excellon Software’s Dealer Management System Platform - Excellon 5 is now ready to face new challenges. It has been adapted to help you overcome the obstacles of this upcoming market which range from limited visibility into procurement, spares and inventory management to even increased mobility and digitisation.

So, what could these benefits be?
•    Ability to understand and adapt to the changing landscape of service requirements of EVM as compared to gasoline cars
•    User-friendly mobile application for seamless service, sales, customer support and inventory management
•    Help dealers to manage complex repair or a difficult diagnosis through help desks
•    Enable information sharing about technicalities of EVM
•    Sustaining dealer processes to increase efficiency, performance while ensuring customer satisfaction
•    Consumer push notifications regarding charging infrastructure operators, energy saving and so on
•    Social media integration for easy updates and reach to wider audiences, suitable to create communities for Electric Vehicles
•    Cloud-based solution for seamless integrations with other platforms for smooth business functions

Innovative new products, especially those in which customers interact with a product in a unique way, or that involve new or very different supporting infrastructure, often call for novel approaches to market and sell them. While Excellon 5 Dealer Management Platform has always propagated a customer-centric approach for dealerships, customised apps can indeed offer solutions such as the location of nearby charging stations and even an estimated calculation of how much fuel one is saving. The possibilities are endless with imagination!

The breadth and depth of Excellon Software’s capability make it the vendor of choice for several medium to large companies, particularly those that manage multiple franchises across various locations. 


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