Important Points to Consider While Selecting a Dealer Management Software

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What’s the secret behind the success of several key players in the various dealership networks including tire manufacturers, automobile, construction equipment industry, material handling industry, heavy machinery, electronics, etc.? Yes. You guessed it right.  Technology adoption and well-informed decision to invest in a Dealer Management System that is apt for their needs.

Software systems are integral to the smooth operation of any business and implementing the right solution is one of the important decisions that you will make to create gains in terms of cost savings, improved job satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.  

An enterprise solution for handling multiband sales, service and distribution associations will let you have the ability to plan, organise and execute all your operations to exceed customer expectations.  By deploying a DMS, it is easy to integrate each business process encompassing everything from the service booking to integrated claims management from order booking to invoicing, and this gives you an apt solution to streamline your entire Sales, Distribution and Service Network while efficiently utilising all your resources. Technology is advancing almost every day in Dealer Management Software. Still, many dealers don’t have an industry specific, fully-integrated system to run their business.

May it be used cars, electronic gadgets, tire manufacturing or heavy machinery; undoubtedly, choice of dealer management software is one of the important factors in the success of your dealerships.  With numerous DMS software options out in the market, today makes it difficult to choose the perfect one. It is clear that choosing an inappropriate system or poor project management could mean cost overruns, unsatisfactory software installations, and project failures. Some businesses operate in a single location while others have dozens of dealerships across multiple states. So, several variables need to be considered while looking for the best fit dealer management system for your dealership(s). Let us have a look at some of the important points to consider that will narrow down your choices:

• Flexible and Adaptive Technology: Certainly, your business vision entails a bigger business. So, look for a solution that can go mobile, has a sound security system and is cost-efficient. While an in-house system can be reasonably priced, a company can save more money with a cloud-based one.

• Increases Productivity: Your dealer management software should be designed to help boost sales. Choosing one that features efficient integration, beginning to end processing and intelligent workflows will let you have more returns, increased productivity and more control.

• Works in Real Time: It’s essential that your system operates in real-time. Accurately and instantly recorded data is an integral aspect of dealerships, and it can make a huge difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity. Furthermore, accurate data minimises mistakes and costs.

• Consolidated Scheduling and Pricing Tool: The best DMS integrates each aspect of the dealership in a single centralised system. For examples: a solution that facilitates what was modified in the showroom to be automatically uploaded to Parts & System syncs different facets of the business and improves accuracy. And minimising inaccuracy means easy control of the systems and more efficiency of employees and thus benefits the whole company. Go for a system where your sales personnel and technicians can see all the information including service history, customer number, current prices, customer’s name, etc. they need, in just a single glance. In addition to this, an integrated price guide makes your techs look proficient by providing accurate cost estimates and enhancing related sales.

How to Compare Auto Dealer Software

Choosing the right dealer management software to use is a daunting task. Undoubtedly, you need to consider several key aspects including its cost or functions, will the new software be compatible with your company’s other systems and so on. 
While considering capabilities, also need to take third-party integration into account. In addition to capabilities, a system should be easy to use. Look for intuitive and customizable solutions. 

Invest your time to assess the technology, capabilities and partnership levels of each provider. This will certainly let you have the best DMS that fits all your needs.

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Considering the important points for selecting right dealer management software, Excellon would definitely play a key role in understanding your business processes and working culture. Not only this, but we are also an expert with over 17 years of experience of integrating various technologies with our innovative, next-gen dealer management solutions, customised as per the requirements to give you the best solution to transform your organisational functionalities.


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