How Online Sales and Distribution Management System Can Drive Significant Growth In Customer Satisfaction

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Creating a satisfactory experience for customers is a fool-proof way to ensure that your current clients remain happy with your services, and your business attracts potential clients with ease. Excellon dealer management system for automobile manufacturers the benefits of a game-changing technology to make the most of the business sales and service network, and drive significant growth in sales and customer satisfaction.

In today's day and age, taking your sales and service network digital is not so much an option, but a necessity. Excellon's dealer management software enables automobile manufacturers to take their networks to the digital space and reap the rewards that come with the move.

Benefits of Digital Sales & Distribution Management System

Excellon offers the best-in-class digital sales network solution for manufacturers with a single as well as multiple locations to handle. From automating complex business process workflows to implementing them across the board in no time, Excellon DMS serves to reduce the time taken for sales tasks and boosts the overall sales bottom-line.

A digital sales networking software such as Excellon DMS allows for simplified sales processes, optimised inventory management, and improved in-store performance.

Planning and executing business decisions is made easy by features like auto-allocation processes, flexible automation, and integrated demand planning.

As an automobile manufacturing company, you can make a number of improvements to your sales process by streamlining transportation, tracking work-in-progress items in a timely manner, and ensuring quick turn-around times. Excellon DMS helps you streamline and reduce errors which eventually leads to a highly improved customer satisfaction metric.
While adhering to quality and compliance regulations, DMS enables you to up the ante and ace the areas of change management and adaptability.

Benefits of Digital Service Management

Excellon offers avant-garde digital service management solutions to support the business after-sales network. The tasks and responsibilities of an automobile manufacturing company do not end with sales, your business after-sales network is also infinitely important in driving higher customer satisfaction.

For an automobile manufacturer, meeting service level agreements are of paramount importance. DMS supports this goal by making it easy to monitor, manage, correlate, visualise and control all important service support and delivery processes.
With a knowledge management system that puts all relevant customer information within easy reach, your employees will be able to serve customers better and offer quick turn-around times than ever before.

From integrated service reminders and alerts to the management of inventory, repairs, and more, Excellon Dealer Management is designed to be your end-to-end digital service management tool.

A cloud-based service management system and sales solution, Excellon DMS is available at any time and from any place. Top management can use the system while commuting and through their mobile devices with ease. This easy accessibility makes for highly streamlined operations and integrated user experience while boosting employee productivity and strengthening service quality. The end result of using an optimised digital sales and service network is a significant growth in sales and customer satisfaction for your organisation.


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