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Advancement in electric vehicles and machine learning, along with the popularity of ride-sharing technology are driving fully autonomous vehicles (AV) as a reality in recent future. With conditional automation already in place in certain parts of the world, the experts say that the year 2021 will see the fully AV in the form of freight and city transit.

Overview of Current Supply Chain and the Role of Autonomous Vehicle Technology


The electronic tethering of the autonomous vehicles drastically reduces the cost of the point to point line haul journeys of the trucks.

Integral change in supply chain

AVs facilitate the OEMs with smarter distribution practices and other cost and time-saving measures due to the intelligent tracking and mapping systems they are having.

Significant Cost Saving

AVs reduce accidents and labor cost and enhance fuel consumption and productivity. According to Morgan Stanley, estimated annual potential savings to the freight transport industry in the US is $168 billion.


Autonomous lorries are highly efficient due to the increased freight capability and round the clock operation capacity in the event of no driver breaks and no need of returning to the base. By 2050, the fuel consumption of the trucks and heavy-duty freight trucks is estimated to decrease up to 18 percent.

Increased Safety

The AVs have fewer accidents. According to National Highway Traffic system administration around 94 percent of accidents are because of human errors. The AVs can remove this human error.

Acceleration of related applications

With more dependency on the technology solutions like GPS, advanced mapping and sensing capabilities, artificial intelligence and mobility, more planners and managers are mandated to know these technologies. The DMS Mobile Application can efficiently use this data to offer more valuable insights to the dealerships.

In the scenario of changing supply chain, the OEMs would need to adopt a new mode of operations. Considerable reduction in the transportation cost can lead to supply chain restructuring and intensify the pressure to have shorter lead times making it imperative to have a good quality dealer management system.

Why DMS Becomes Necessary

An efficient and customized dealer management system addresses diverse requirements encompassing the pivotal areas like pre-sales, CRM and sales, it gives flawless and easy-flowing operational experience to the OEMs, distributors and dealers. It ensures an exceptional buying experience to the customers, right from Enquiry to After-sales service. The DMS Mobile Application enables real-time vehicles and spares management which plays a crucial role in after-sales. With the help of DMS, organizations can get improved sales forecasting and thus strengthen their future business plans in today’s competitive world.

Even though the exact timeframe of a completely autonomous vehicle hitting the road is still unknown, many positive developments are already taking place in the direction. Today’s OEMs and dealers need to be better equipped to embrace this milestone in the history of automobiles sooner than later. Along with the strategic changes, technological advancements like DMS Solution for the autonomous vehicles are expected to ease this transition for everyone.


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