Efficient Service Management a key distinguishing factor in Customer Satisfaction

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In today’s customer-centric world, service, quality and experience are the prime aspects and consumers expect comfort, ease of buying, performance, quick service and much more!

Today, ample choices are available to the customers that make it imperative to retain existing clientele rather than just focusing on attracting new ones. Irrespective of the industry type, the key to increasing customer lifetime value is to provide a high-quality customer experience during the buying and servicing process.
Car dealership customer satisfaction helps you build a long-term loyalty with your client base. Once a client trusts a company and is assured that the company will persist to deliver, he/she will prefer to do business with the organization. 
Issues with performance, service or product can be discouraging to customers and can affect business. Implementing quality service management systems is crucial and can be highly beneficial for increased customer satisfaction. For example, according to J.D. Power report 2016, in automobile industry on an average, customers are likely to positively recommend the dealership from whom they purchased their vehicle six times. For every industry, offering an outstanding customer experience is the key to improve their numbers and efficient service management aids in achieving this.

Service management helps a business to manage its processes as well as technology in an effective way and ultimately deliver an excellent service through proper allocation of resources. By improving various aspects through good service management, a company can take customer satisfaction to an entirely different level. 
Depending on the industry, the criteria for service efficiency may vary. When it comes to the service, in the auto industry, managing various aspects of quality service like the quality of repair, timeliness of service, vehicle pick-up process and vehicle fixed right the first time, etc. is a bit tricky. Whereas, rising demand for service in a more competitive environment is proving to be crucial in an industrial equipment industry.

 Factors like convenience, promptness and cost-effectiveness in the service win returning customers for any business and maintaining an optimum balance of these factors is a challenging task. However, a professional service management system can help organizations handle their service management seamlessly. An efficient service management system encompasses functions like

• Vital after-sales processes such as Carry-in (Walk-in service), On-Site (Field service management), Return-to-Bench

• Product Maintenance activities like - Insurance &Warranty Management along with Extended Warranty, AMC, Free Service

• Service History of the Product

• Automated service procedure covering gate pass management, billing, service reminder

• Schedule service, assign the tasks and targets to technicians 

• Tracking the performance of technicians and subsequent incentives records 

• Managing offers and schemes for customers through digitized coupons

Efficient service management spells numerous benefits for dealers and OEMs in turn:

• Extensive analysis and control possibilities

• Ease in tracing information and service works

• Quick work input

• Efficient service document management

• Centralized management of multi-brand/multi-location service network

• Grow revenue by increasing sales of in-demand items

• Optimizing inventory costs

• Reduced emergency orders and improved transportation efficiency

• Improved cycle-times and reduced labor requirements

• Improved visibility into performance and operations

• Improved communication channels and communication efficiency

• Improved accountability across business-function boundaries

• Better understanding of service requisites and provision

• Standardization

• Better customer and service experience

Efficient service management system certainly proves to be a key differentiator as it arms the service providers with the ability to quickly move information and attain real-time visibility in the quality service processes. Thus, enabling them to foresee consumer requirements and meet, rather exceed their expectations.


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