Why OEMs & Manufacturers Need Integrated Dealer Management System

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In today’s high-tech world, where everything is getting super-fast, it has become essential for every business to be on toes. Today, movement spells the performance of any organisation. However, with several challenges of synchronisation among individuals, workplaces, and administrative centres, it can get devastating to manage multi-facets of business including fulfilling the needs of demanding customers, filling reports and maintaining an inventory. With a mounting need to be customer-centric and focus on goals of enhanced customer connection and communication, many OEMs and manufacturers are looking for integrated ways to manage their business. This furthers a growing need to have systems that will facilitate improved interactions between the customers, dealers, and OEMs.

What if you get a customized system featuring additional components to perform all day to day transactions at dealership encounters? Dealer Management System is designed to meet the needs of the modern manufacturing industry with all advanced facets such as inventory management, sales tracking, customer relationship management, pre-and post-sales, appointment scheduling, finance management and lots more. This centralized cloud-based dealer management software captures information about inventory, customer, and product and makes parts and inventory management more effective. Furthermore, it facilitates visibility on dealer operations across different geographies. There are multiple benefits of running a unique system, but the most important aspect is efficiency. In simple words, you can manage the complete set of operations from the management of inventory to customers and product sales to services seamlessly with an effective system integration with different management systems available like SAP, Tally, etc. 

Some of the major functionalities of the Dealer Management system include:
•    Pre-sales and after-sales
•    CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
•    Responsive Dashboards
•    Accounting and Finance Management
•    Real-time analytics of dealers and product status
•    Workflow Management and Reporting
•    Service Management
•    Inventory and Parts Management

An efficient dealer management system offers all in one solution with following benefits:
•    Easy and effective management of parts, inventories at dealership, locations
•    Broader view of sales forecasting by real-time sales inputs 
•    Increase in revenue and help in decision making through real-time data (number of converted opportunities and customer retention)
•    Better stock visibility and inventories at dealerships
•    Improved control over business decision making and efficient monitoring
•    Complete suite having maintenance, training modules, and remote help desk
•    Guidance for marketing activities from the variety of reports
•    Finance planning and controlling

Capabilities and features may differ from system to system or business or business; however, some of the core features are CRM and Inventory Management, After-Sales Service Management and extensive Reporting capabilities with customization options. Moreover, advanced systems feature integrated websites/applications and marketing tools as well as a mobile app, which makes managing the business just a matter of clicks. 

It is essential to identify and use a tool to manage business processes and increase value proposition. This will result in gaining a competitive edge and improve efficiency with increasingly complex and competitive factors influencing processes and high-end management in today’s industry.


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