Efficient After Sales Service to Further Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is a strategic goal of almost every business. As a satisfied customer is the corner stone of every business, companies pay close attention to the factors that influence client experience. Customer delight spells how a company is committed to providing quality product or services to their customers, which in turn increases customer loyalty as well as customer retention. In today’s customer centric world, customer has diverse choices and hence satisfying the customer is one of the core objectives of the business. The after sale services offered by a company is the prime aspect for consideration here.

After sales service has become an imperative marketing tool for the manufacturing industry worldwide. It helps lessen potential problems related to product use while capitalizing on the value of the consumption experience.

Proliferation of technology use, quickly changing business environment, highly competitive market and higher  prospects and opportunities in  after sales  service  are contributing the  transformation in the way  companies  perceive the after  sales  services. The days are gone where after sales services were seen as a cost center.  Now, after sales services spell a major profit source with profitability for many business environments. According to the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), dealership profit from selling new vehicles is dropping, while profits from fixed operations including parts sales are increasing. According to research by NADA that new vehicle sales have a profit margin of 6 to 8%, while the vehicle parts segment has an average profit margin of 20 to 30%.

After sales service and competitive maneuvering

Happy customers are likely to create ‘domino effect’. Satisfied customers mean increased demand for products/ services and this further increases company recognition and brand reputation. When a company sells product in an effective manner it needs well-designedplanning for services after sale and this planning forms an integral part of customer relationship management.

Adopting a good after–sales service management certainly offers manifold benefits in the long run. Let’s have a look at some easy yet strategic rules that can help delight customers.

  • Efficient Spares Management: Improving the spares management can help avoid the delay in product delivery to the customer.
  • Faster Claims: Customers will surely be delighted with the service if a company responds within a reasonable and acceptable period to the customer regarding the warranty claim.
  • Complaint and Feedback management: Complaints should be considered as an indicator of company performance assessment. By designing an integrated complaint and feedback management system, a company has the opportunity to learn from customer feedback and improve business performance and consequently re-establish customer happiness.
  • Field Service - Field service involves face-to-face interaction with customers. Efficient Field service management proves to be a very important channel to meet the rising customer expectations.


So, get ready for an endeavor to avail competitive advantages with strong after sales service portfolio to stand ahead ofcompetitors. After-sales services prove to be a crucial game changer, and revenue maker.