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New software and technology is always an exciting prospect. It brings with it the promise of increased revenue, streamlining of processes, and even improved customer experience. However, with all this promise, organisations still face a major hurdle - implementation of a Dealer Management System and coping with their employees’ resistance to change. Employees fear that the change itself may take too much time to learn, and in turn, become disruptive to business.

Agreed, the implementation of a new system or software may be difficult, but experts suggest the following to make this transition as smooth as possible:

•    Actively Discuss The Benefits of New Technology
It is imperative for management to highlight the benefits of their new dealer management software as well as its advantages to their employees. After all, who wouldn't want complex business operations such as inventory and coordination to be automated? Who wouldn’t want to reap the benefits of cloud compatibility, advanced analytics and scalability? As an example, the Excellon 5 platform has been known to revolutionise the working of so many companies.

•    Go Step-By-Step
Phase-wise implementation gets the organisation used to the change in the system very gradually. Moreover, a move like this increases accountability for its implementation.

•    Offer Training
Ensure that everyone knows they will get the necessary training in order to come up to speed on the new system quickly. It is essential for organisations to deliver on that promise.

At its very heart, organisations must keep up with technology in order to remain competitive and provide great customer service. Remember, change may be hard but is always necessary for growth. 


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