As markets across the world witness a paradigm shift from product focus to customer centric approach, companies must transform themselves into Service Oriented businesses. Aftermarket Service is being increasingly viewed as a differentiating factor in delivering superior customer experience, source of increasing profitability and an overall growth driver for organisations. No Manufacturer can ignore the Aftermarket, considering companies in certain industries like Automobiles, Consumer goods, industrial machinery have sold so many units over the years that their aftermarkets have grown substantially larger than the original equipment businesses. Profitability from aftermarket spares sales is much higher compared to the original equipment sales. It has also been established that it costs far less to retain an existing customer and increase the sales of parts and service-related products than finding new customers.Where Product Sales require dedicated efforts for selling and converting prospects; aftermarket services and Spares sales is a factor of the latent need customers have on a periodical basis. While the potential in Aftermarket Sales is tremendous, winning in the aftermarket is very challenging.

Companies face issues of people and facilities remaining idle, very low Inventory turn ratios, and parts becoming obsolete every year. Companies need to focus on aftermarket sales and services to create exceptional customer satisfaction and add value to the overall offering. Field service management software, warranty management, call centre management and workshop operations ensure companies provide seamless and efficient aftermarket service to their customers.


  • To ensure proper and efficient utilization of people and facilities.
  • To avoid parts from becoming obsolete every year.
  • To ensure the after-sales network has all the goods a company has sold in the past as well as those it currently makes.
  • To track the demand for spares and parts that is quite unpredictable and handle inconsistent marketplace because demands for repairs does not follow a pattern.
  • To respond within a specific time frame to the customer's need for Service support and Spares.
  • To ensure profitability for the company in the ever growing Aftermarket space.


To exceed Customer Expectations for Mission critical Business Processes

To increase profitability over the entire lifecycle of the Product

Real - time Visibility of Inventory and Spares across the Supply chain

Increased Revenue stream

Real-time availability of precise data for all relevant stakeholders enabling short- and long-term enhancements to the entire value chain

In the highly competitive product market, expedited service can be the key differentiating factor for OEM's

Provide superior customer experience and Ensure Repeat sales


Excellon ASSIST is a Cloud based comprehensive solution for managing the end-to-end After-sales product support. Excellon Assist software suite provides Workshop Service management, Warranty tracking, Repairs, Spares Management, Customer service operations management and a powerful set of reporting tools.

Excellon Assist Service Management Solution

Excellon ASSIST Solutions



One Stop View Of Overall Customer Service Operations


Real-time Tracking & Control Over Service / Repair Logistics


Highly Scalable Aftersales Service Management Software To Meet Business Dynamics


Real-time Monitoring Of Service Appointments And Inventory Consumption


End-to-end Spares & Service Claim Management


Insightful, Graphical Reports In User Friendly Formats


Rich User Interface (UI) For Ease Of Use


Mobile Platform Leveraged To provide The Solution 'On the Go'



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