Unlike earlier times, the automotive industry has been witnessing a paradigm shift from a product-driven to customer-centric approach to keep customer loyalty and to adapt the dynamic customer behaviour and expectations. Owing to the unprecedented evolution of Social Media, Mobility, Big Data, Analytics and Cloud, today’s consumers are more connected and well informed than ever. In the automotive industry, these technologies and interconnected apps are breaking down walls between customers and automotive sales ecosystem; therefore, automakers are imposed to devise new tactics for improving the buying experience and keeping customer loyalty.

Overview of automotive industry
Challenges of automotive sector
  • Increasing numbers of products and options for Customers
  • Shorter Technology cycles
  • Customer emphasis on After-sales service
  • Need to enhance Operational efficiencies and productivities
  • Need to constantly expand service and Distribution Networks
  • Cost-effectiveness in the rising Competitive market


Excellon Connect

The App Advantage

Engage your customers at their convenience by custom designing an app solely for your company.

By doing so, your customers will have the advantage of enjoying all varied services offered by your company.

From checking out latest offers to obtaining the best quotes, searching for the best dealer location to booking & tracking services, Excellon 5 will efficiently take your business a notch higher by enabling a rich and a rewarding customer experience.

  • View Product Catalogs
  • Get Push Notifications
  • Get Quotations
  • Online Vehicle Booking
  • Book Service Appointments
  • Locate Nearby Dealer Location
  • Get Service due Reminders
  • Tracking service History
  • Know Progress on your Service
  • Choose your Preferred Payment Options
  • Know Availability of Parts
  • Get Vehicle Information
  • Share your Feedback

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Today’s modern world is driven by technology. Feedback from customers will define your company. Catering to their needs and ensuring satisfaction will eventually result in goodwill.

Excellon’s CRM module combines the best aspects of lead management, activity management, sales person’s dairy, E-mail & SMS integration, target management and quote management into one powerful tool.

By simply automating the trickiest aspect of your sales process, Excellon’s CRM will inevitably lead to a rewarding conclusion for both customers and your business.

  • Lead Management
  • Customer Management
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Multi-Channel View
  • Customer Rewards
  • Call Center Management

Analytics & Dashboard

The Nerve Center

In addition to providing data at your disposal, Excellon 5 analyses your company’s data and offers information that can be used in regards to your business advantage.

Get the most from every marketing and sales effort, make every lead count, review vehicles & spares sales, probe your procurement strategy and spot the weakness in your service capabilities.

The Analytics dashboard is the nucleus of your entire business operations, the centralized intelligence unit puts you truly in control of where your business is heading on a daily basis.

  • HQ dashboard
  • CRM Analytics
  • Vehicle Sales and Purchase Analytics
  • Spare Sales and Purchase Analytics
  • Vehicle Service Analytics
  • Dealership Analytics

Vehicle Management

Keeping track of your manufactured vehicles running across the country or globally requires an advanced software.

Vehicle Management module from Excellon 5 will efficiently streamline the entire operational and financial facets of any automobile organization.

Offering a complete suite that includes processes such as Sales, Inventory and Procurement Managements, your company’s vehicle management will feel completely seamless.

Improved visibility across the network provides the data, insights, and analytics that helps you make smarter decisions which will benefit your business and customers equally.

  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Stock Management
  • Stock Valuation & Adjustment
  • Auto Allocation
  • Multi-Location, Multi-Brand Operations
  • Sales Margin Chasis profitability

Financial Management

Let your money do the Hard Work

Making quick decisions is the core when it comes to managing finances. To make this happen, a need to have a real-time visibility into your company’s financial data, cash flow, liquidity and accounting processes is highly necessary.

Financial Management module from Excellon will efficiently automate your company’s entire financial process and provide you with information and tools that help you make smart commercial decisions quickly.

  • Records Receipts & Payments
  • Debit & Credit notes
  • Cash & Bank transfers
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Financial Reports
  • Interest Calculation & Payment Method
  • Account and Contact ledger, cash/bank book
  • Prints Cheque

Spares Management

When an organization’s revenue depends on spares, it's only wise to invest in a software that manages this crucial area efficiently.

Excellon’s Spare Management module handles every spares related operation with maximum efficiency, taking the stress and possibility of human oversight right out of the equation.

In addition to monitoring quantities, improving supplier collaboration, and ensuring compliance the module is also capable of ordering under the specific parameters.

  • Sale Order Management
  • Sale Return Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Stock Valuation and Adjustment Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Dealer-to-Dealer Transfer and Invoicing

Service Management



Excellon highlights
  • Real-time Vehicles and spares Management
  • Comprehensive tool for Pre-sales, CRM and Sales
  • Improved Sales forecasting
  • Enhanced Customer experience right from Enquiry to After-sales service
  • Increased Revenue through lesser number of lost sales and higher conversions
  • Faster Warranty/Claims settelement
  • Auto Ordering Mechanism to avoid Stock out situation
OEM Benefits
OEM Benefits

When your business is spread across the country or globally, a need to monitor your distributors and dealers and also reach out to each customer is highly necessary. Excellon 5 Dealer Management Suite provides you with a real-time interface to track your distribution network and bring a unified customer experience across varied locations, improves efficiency and fosters a culture of higher productivity & growth.

The robust features built into the suite allows you to have:


ROI from Business Intel
Increased ROI from Business Intel

Centralized Control and Monitoring
Centralized Control and Monitoring

Seamless Integration with ERP
Seamless Integration with ERP

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Enhanced Management Reporting
Enhanced Management Reporting

Real Time Inventory Tracking
Real Time Inventory Tracking

Dealer / Distributor Advantage
Dealer / Distributor Advantage

As a dealer or proprietor, apart from satisfying ever demanding customer demands, having up-to-date information, ease in ordering parts, managing leads and customer transactions is also important . Excellon 5 proivdes you with a holistic solution which will help you to make quick decisions & enable implementation of standard procedures in order to maintain and assess operations and service quality in your company.

The robust features built into the suite allows you to have:

Stock Tracking
Stock Tracking

Faster Claims Settlement
Faster Claims Settlement

Service Vehicle History Tracking
Service Vehicle History Tracking

Increased Operational Efficiency
Increased Operational Efficiency

Improved Revenues
Improved Revenues

Personnel Performance Management
Personnel Performance Management


Try Excellon 5, a software that would efficiently manage your entire business operations, and revolutionize your company's working pattern.