Retail industry-OVERVIEW

Retail is one of the highest grossing industries and it has consistently seen a steady surge over the past few decades. With the increase in the customer's buying power and the boom of urban population, managing and handling the ever-growing demand is no longer an easy task. With more players venturing into the retail and e-tail sector, there is constant need for innovation. Improving the current distribution systems and incorporating digital technology and mobility into the in-store experience will be differentiating factors for Retail Outlets.

Challenges in Industrial Machinary & Equipment
  • Shorter Product lifecycles
  • Increasing Customer demands
  • Growing Process Complexity
  • Mounting Global Competition and Regulation
  • Uncertain Economic conditions
  • Fluctuations in Demand
  • Need to Maximise Sales
  • Complex Products with large number of parts
  • Hold to high quality/performance standards
  • Rising demand for service in more competetive enviornment
  • Streamlining production to meet the demand

Excellon's powerful, comprehensive solution helps align supply and demand, supports efficient supply chain planning, keeps you abreast with customer expectations, streamlines operations, ensures optimum inventory management, results in efficient planning and procurement, maximizes return on investment (ROI), and transforms the way you do business.

Excellon's Distribution Management Solutions helps Manufacturers meet all their business challenges by providing real-time access to critical data and intelligent reports thus making decision-making faster and easier.

  • Managing On Field Service Call through Mobility
  • Spares Management
  • Catalogue and Price Lists
  • Service and Warranty Management
  • Grow revenue by increasing sales of in-demand items
  • Optimise inventory costs
  • Reduce emergency orders and improve transportation efficiency
  • Improve cycle-times and lower labor requirements

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