Government And PSU industry-OVERVIEW

Governments and its asscociated bodies today closely resemble complex organizations and are joining the innovation and technology bandwagon to ensure good governance. Today government organisations want to build transparency between departments and ensure that citizens are connected and informed about its initiatives and plans.

Challenges of the government and PSU sector
  • Huge Operational Expenditures
  • Inflexible Business processes
  • Poor collaboration between departments
  • Inability to scale Quality of service
  • Lack of IT Infrastructure
  • Changing Citizen expectations of Public services
  • Growing demand for Financial Accountability

Excellon Solutions for governments is equipped to address these shortcomings and needs, through increasing process efficiencies, technology scalability, inter-department collaboration and knowledge sharing and analytics to enable planning and decision-making by effectively transforming the existing IT infrastructure into a flexible business process platform.

Pre-built solutions for governance processes ranging across Finance, Projects and Accounting, Procurement, Consumer Grievances, Large scale distribution and Sales can be configured according to the needs of the Government body. Unique security and access rights can be customized based on roles and responsibilities of the user to ensure data privacy and access. Apart from the Government departments its also equipped to deal with citizen services and requests. Excellon’s solutions are enabled to handle multi-currency and multi-lingual functionalities with ease and also assist in automation of transactions. This robust software helps measure, monitor and manage your growth across against your goals.

  • Citizen's Grievance Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Automation of Business processes minimising human intervention and Paper work
  • Data Security
  • Improved decision-making because of Data visibility and management
  • Strategic Sourcing and Purchase
  • Large scale Sales and Distribution Management of Goods and Services

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