Government And PSU industry-OVERVIEW

Governments and its asscociated bodies today closely resemble complex organizations and are joining the innovation and technology bandwagon to ensure good governance. Today government organisations want to build transparency between departments and ensure that citizens are connected and informed about its initiatives and plans.

Challenges of the government and PSU sector

Paint Industry Challenges:

  • Supply Chain Management 
Chemical Industry Challenges:
  • Unanticipated variation in commodity prices
  • Well established distribution network
  • Analytical Visualization capabilities
  • Consistent And Timely Replenishment
  • Regulatory compliance and policies
  • Technology advancements



Paint Industry – Solution

  • Excellon 5 dealership management software helps you manage small to very large and complex dealer service network.
  • Excellon’s software solutions for paint manufacturing industries facilitate you to track your distribution network by providing a real-time interface, thus, bring unified customer experience across varied locations.
  • The system helps you by automating mission-critical functions like inventory management, sales process, service management, warranty management and customer relationship management. It ensures procurement and inventory availability at the right time.
  • Excellon’s paint industry software services offer advanced analytics on the historical data with facilities like pivot tables, dynamic filtering and various charts that can be selected at runtime.
  • The software is highly customizable and can be integrated with other ERP systems and software.
  • Excellon’s paint industry solutions enable you to be GST compliant with web portal or a mobile app based on your preference with multiple data exchange options. It also provides APIs for third-party ASP solution.


Chemical Industry – Solution

  • Excellon’s unique chemicals manufacturing IT services provides an integrated ERP and CRM software solution that synchronizes material sourcing, manufacturing and distribution that helps in shortening time to market. Excellon’s chemicals procurement solutions facilitate auto ordering based on demand planning, average sales, forecasting and minimum stock level that ensures the availability of the required stock in the right quantity.
  • The dealership management services for chemical industry work as one answer to manage large and multi-brand sales, service and distribution networks. This cloud-based world-class solution effectively consolidates and manages the entire sales and service chain and provides real-time data from various locations, empowering you to take quick and better decisions.
  • You are better equipped with the robust analytics and dashboard that enables you to take important business decisions. Excellon’s chemicals manufacturing IT services also support multiple currencies and languages to facilitate multi-state/country operations.
  • Excellon 5 dealership management software provides runtime calculation of taxes and discounts. It supports multi-tiered discounting and also helps you to be GST compliant using a mobile-based app or a web portal.
  • Optimize Inventory Cost 
  • Service & Warranty Management
  • Managing Multi Brand-Dealer Outlets With Ease
  • Managing Incentives & Schemes To Enhance Sales

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