About Excellon 5

Operational excellence and cost-effectiveness in sales, services and distribution across the chain are indispensable for any manufacturer or dealership.

Day in and day out, companies rally to improve their financial and operational performance, striving for faster deliveries, with lower operational costs and minimal errors. Customized requirements, shrinking delivery timelines, stringent quality measures, audit compliance and increasing globalization add to these challenges. So, it is imperative that businesses structure their processes to align with market opportunities and adopt the right technology to serve their customers better and gain a competitive edge.

Excellon DMS software - Dealer management software

An open, web-based cloud computing suite that can be configured, customized, and scaled according to business demands, Excellon 5 is delivered in an easy to use and deploy package which can be tweaked to suit the distinctive business processes of each customer. Functionally rich and innovative, it adheres to best industry practices and delivers optimum product and service fit, accuracy and trace-ability across multiple locations, centralized control, efficient resource utilization and improved customer service.